The game bored. Much better were the previous games.


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Good morning, I buy the game Star Wars Battlefront in January. When I started playing I thought it was a joke. Where is the content? Campaign mode, the clone wars, jedi, sith ... Then I started to play. The feeling is very good graphics but ends up getting bored. It's always the same. Play against players without any mission.

What happened? I went back to install the previous game (Star Wars Battlefront 2). That if it was a real game. All contents galactic conquest, campaign mode, space battles, all the planets of the clone war droids, clones ... Because ye have eliminated all that ??

The only good thing about this game is the graphics. But content ... I think the game would not go based DLC. I think the best would take tro Star Wars Battlefront game with all the content that had the above. campaign, Aritificial intelligence, clone wars ... so Please EA, we ask that you turn to impress us with a new Battlefront game where overhead lines follow the previous games. ... But I fear that will not buy new and we have to play with the above.

Thank you very much.

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