Special Troop awards

Would you like additional units to be awarded to the best & worst players on each team?

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In Star Wars battlefront, whenever a player selects Palpatine and/ or Leia, these two can have two special units spawn on top of them. Why not implement similar units to these Shock troops and Honor Guards in larger game modes, so two players on each team could be awarded the option to spawn as one of these special units. The two players would be the best and the worst players on each team and there would a 2 minute interval between whenever these players die, and redistribute the option to two more different players who achieved the necessary criteria to be awarded the special units option/ boost. Like the honor guard there could be a special unit that has two weapon boosts that reload [the honor guard has a smart rocket and homing rocket that reload over time as does the shock trooper] and a buffed up weapon whether it's a blaster pistol or a rifle, heavy blaster etcetera. This could add another degree of difficulty and resistance for each team and besides the hero, and maybe their special guards there could also be two special units on each team fighting alongside the regular units and heroes alike!

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