Rumor: EA Visceral working on a Han Solo game


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One of my favorite games from the Xbox 360/PS3 era of video games was Dead Space. It was new, felt fresh, and was one of the best new entries for a game that I've played.

Because of how much I enjoyed Dead Space, I've become a pretty big fan of EA Visceral. While DICE is currently working on Star Wars: Battlefront, EA Visceral is always working on their own Star Wars title.

I stumbled upon a rumor tonight that says EA Visceral is working on a third-person game centered around a young Han Solo. Here's the information from the article:

Visceral’s game is about Han Solo, he says it’s dev. is very troubled but the game looks awesome. He also said that the programmers are all working on the informed guess-timation that it is either a prequel game to the first spin off film or may be an actual tie-in game.

The game is a third person shooter and I’m quoting here is a “young-ish” Han Solo.

The poster claimed that the game has “big ambitions” and that part of the staff was temporarily borrowed to finish development on Battlefield Hardline (meaning that the title may come out a little later than originally expected).

I'm sure you all remember the Star Wars: 1313 trailer for a few E3s ago. If we can get a similar vibe from EA Visceral with a Han Solo spin-off, I'd get the game day one. Don't forget that Amy Henning, who was at Naughty Dog previously and worked on the Uncharted series, is now on the EA Visceral Star Wars project.

I also remember reading a rumor a long time ago that it would be a Boba Fett game instead of a Han Solo game. Who knows at this point though. What do you hope EA Visceral is doing with their Star Wars game?


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It'd be a fine line between creating a great game and giving an injustice to such prolific characters.

The Boba Fett one would be an easier option I'm my opinion as he wasn't such an integral part of the main films, and a bounty hunting game must be easier to pull off than smuggling.

I'll sit on a fence until more is known!

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