Navigating the UI/ Match Making.

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The latest update for the UI has been great, allowing players to randomly the best servers out of top 40 player servers, top 12 player servers, hero servers but it can still be improved. Even if you select to join a random server out of one of these choices and are assigned a server, you might still have a preference. For example, you may want to join a random Turning point/ Walker assault server but when assigned to a full server you are in the dark as to what that game is and instead of joining one of these two modes you get assigned to a Supremacy server when you may not want to. It would be easier, less time consuming, and a lesser challenge of navigating the UI if you are told what type of game mode, and what map you're being assigned to. Maybe even telling you how far into the match the server is, for example this Walker assault server is on Jundland Wastes, and it is at the second checkpoint [uplink], or this Hero Hunt server is in the Ice Caves, and it's 2 minutes into the match. It would also be good if you could select the best server for a particular game mode if it's easier for the developer to patch/ update in but the rest of the rambling above is probably best for the community.
Thank you for any, and all developers who have read this and are aiming to update the UI based off on this thread.

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