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    Hello to all! I dont understand enthusiasm of developers and some peoples, who is like the game after beta... I played beta and canceled my pre-order and i can say why:
    1) The first reason is simplified and old(poor?) battle system, i dont like and dont understand: why you see the HP bar of enemies? Its obstruct the picture! Now nearly 2016, developers cant show damage with effects, holes from blasters, severed limb (remember film)? I thing that developers dont want to work hard for it and think that many fans and childs just swallow it... 2) Enemy Radar - why you added Radar, which shows where is your enemy? Fou can off your brain and run in red sector... 2016 is near, player should to detect the enemy with surround sound! (which you promised). Again, simple descision for fan swallowing.
    3) Bad interface. Why you added overload bar on the center of screen?? When you walking on the street you see your endirance bar? NO! Make game more realistic! Use effects! 2016...
    4) Damage system is silly and not realistic. Just remember all films, 2-3 blaster shots should to kill, make holes in armor, cut limb e.t.c. Now you should to shoot all your weapon to kill 1 enemy. You really think that real SW fans swallow it?
    5) I didn't see the graphics, that you promised. Improove it.
    6) i played in Hoth planet and was in shock, you made ugly corridor map from BIG FROST DESERT. Try to play and try to make beautiful screenshot while playing. So hard? For example, in Witcher 3 you can make beautiful screenshots every 10 seconds, because map is beautiful and developers worked favorite planet from SW...also limited small corridors from big desert ... You should to remove level designer from your team, he dont know how should to look SW planet, what atmospere on it...

    Dear fans, you really like that money-making project? Be honest please, we all LOVE Star Wars story, but this game is CHEAP project for money from the best and famous film. It must be reworked... Work hard, developers. Stop your PR, that this game is bomb e.t.c., just look, how much pre-orders was canceled after your beta. Beta is failed.
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    There may be a hard-core mode coming that disables radar and increases damage. Never know..
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    Okay, I get that English is clearly not your first language so some of your points sound a little funny just because of wording, but essentially what you're saying is really, really off base. Thankfully I can quote pieces from your post cause otherwise I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to begin.

    It's a FPS. How much can you possibly do? I do wish we had the option of going prone but that's about it. What more advanced stuff can you do but crouch, sprint, aim, and shoot? I have no idea how this game is too simplified for you especially when compared to pretty much any other shooter.

    The health bar obstructs the screen, really? Really?? Since when has a health bar ever obstructed your screen so much that you died from it? I want to know who of the enemy is weaker. It's quite useful.

    The game has amazing effects. It does show bullet holes and burn holes and even has a destructible environment in some instances. I have no idea why you think we need severed limbs. It only happened a handful of times in the saga and that was always with lightsabers.

    I don't ever remember DICE promising perfect surround sound but pretty much every game has that already. Maybe your system needs recalibrated. The radar is simple and is a common tool in FPS. Wandering around in the dark gets old quick.

    Are you talking about the overheating bar? Where else would it be? Are you like, against bars of measurement altogether or something?

    You have to aim for the head. If two shots to the arm killed a guy you'd respawn every four seconds.

    I found your TV.


    Even people who hated the Beta agree that Hoth is downright beautiful, so, what the heck are you talking about? The game is gorgeous dude, end of story. People have their opinion of what's good and bad about the game and that's fine, but there's really no arguing that the game looks great. It's easily the prettiest Star Wars game ever created.

    If you just weren't pleased with it then that's your right as a gamer, but the Beta didn't fail and the majority of people liked it. I also don't believe that many preorders were canceled after the Beta released. I've heard more people say they decided to preorder after playing it.

    Lastly, this is not the official EA forum. Just a fan forum.

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