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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback & Ideas' started by sithlordshark17, Nov 21, 2015.

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    Can we get an offline version of Walker Assault? I sometimes just want to play by myself or with my brothers on Walker Assault, but it's not single player or split screen. The mode has already been made, all that would need to be done is modify it for both single player and split screen. Everyone agrees that Walker Assault is Battlefront's best mode, so modifying it to be playable in single player or split screen would go along way to increasing the replay value of the game (for me) without having to create new content
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    That'd be a nice touch. My boys play split screen a lot, and I'd reckon they'd go for a bit of that.
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    This forum is for feedback and ideas regarding the forum, not the game. This is not the official EA/DICE forum.

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